Twenty Fifteen

2015 was the year that my Saturn Return lessons became relevant. I saw an alligator in a Louisiana swamp. Got a job working with 1st/2nd grade ELL students and learned what it’s like to wake each morning 100% thrilled to go to work. Started dating a woman whose passion, warmth, strength, brilliance, creativity, patience, perseverance and knock-me-on-my-ass beauty reinforced my belief in magic. Stood in the ocean at Oswald West holding the hands of squealing kids who’d never seen a beach in real life. Hung out with Celia Cruz & Bela Lugosi’s stars on the Walk of Fame. Ate oysters while the sun set over the ocean in Pacifica. Did a lot of organizing. Did a little protesting. Had poetry read to me while I walked down Clarion Alley. Lost so many animal friends including my own. Met so many new animal friends and got to hang hard with almost all of my favorites. Swam a lot with the river monsters in the Sandy. Moved to the northernmost edge of my zip code and started sleeping through entire nights. Deepened relationships with friends I always wanted to do that with. Shot lasers at creatures of the dark in an enchanted forest. A BFF moved to another country. A BFF moved to my neck of the woods. Hiked a mystery loop in Forest Park alone and got lost near nightfall. Completed DBT phase one. Became a part of a writing group that feels like family. Did two huge personal research projects. Stuck to hard boundaries despite others’ attempts at breaking them down. Realized that fighting reality increases suffering. Saying “yes this is happening now what can I do to adapt or build resilience?” works so much better. Radical acceptance! Happy New Year, Internet.

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