A poetry mixtape

large_550_tmp_2F1408396883978-ucvv0g3o1beghkt9-dbaa4373a4d6c57ad31daab7538ec363_2FLITA45-034_CoverMorning High was the B-side track on Lizzie Mercier Descloux’s “Fire” single. Lizzie reads Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Matinée d’ivresse” in French as Patti Smith reads it in English. Composition by Bill Laswell. Click here to listen.







Artist Jill Kroeson’s “I Really Want to Bomb You” features Fred Smith from Television on Bass. And that’s perhaps the least interesting thing about the song! Trigger warning? Click here to listen.








“Purple Lips” was the second song on 1981’s Drama in Exile. Oddly, the song does not appear on 1983’s re-recorded release of the same name. Click here to listen.







The Outer Darkness is the third volume of Sun Ra and his Arkestra’s Space Poetry series, a collection of previously “lost” Sun Ra recordings. “The Outer Darkness Part 2” is read by Arkestra keyboardist June Tyson. Click here to listen.

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