November 18 2017 - Filament Reading Series: I'll be reading some new supershorts alongside Mary Milstead, Cynthia Gómez, Rachel Palmer, Karolinn Fiscaletti, and Ira Feinstein at Mother Foucault's. 6PM. 523 SE Morrison. PDX.

July 6 2017 - Monster House Press reading: I'm pumped to read with Monster House Press (Bloomington) allstars Bella Bravo and Morgan Eldridge, plus local sweethearts Joshua James Amberson and Tyler Meese. 6PM at Mother Foucault's. 523 SE Morrison. PDX.

December 4 2016 - Portland State University MFA Alumni reading: I’m reading with special guest Sara Jaffe (author of Dryland), as well as alumni Matthew Robinson (author of The Horse Latitudes), Karolinn Fiscaletti, Michael Magnes, and Lynn Otto at Blackfish Gallery. Sara has a really cute baby.

November 22 2016 - Portland State University MFA reading: I’m reading some short fiction with my cohort at Literary Arts There will be food, drink, my on-point fashion, and Oregon Book Award winner Paul Collins.

October 1 2016 - Poetry in the Woods II: I will read not-poetry with poets Michele Glazer, Erin Perry, Jacquelyn Grandy, Jenessa VanZutphen, Ger Killeen, Consuelo Wise, and Celeste Perez. 5pm. 11046 NE Flanders. PDX.

April 1 2016 - Portland State & UC Davis AWP Reading: A collaborative reading sponsored by both programs as part of the 2016 AWP Conference. I'll be reading with Leni Zumas (author of The Listeners and Farewell Navigator), Annie Liontas (Author of Let Me Explain You), Melinda Moustakis, Katie Peterson, Megan Kaminski, Kate Jayroe, Pam Houston, Stephanie Wong Ken, and the one and only John Beer. 6:30 PM at BOLD LA. 958 S Broadway. Los Angeles.

February 10 2016 - A Legion Readers Literary Showcase: This month's theme is The One Who Got Away. Strange--nobody ever gets away from me. I'm thrilled to read with Kerry Cohen, Marina Seaward, Sally K Lehman, Rich Perin, Kate Ristau, DeAngelo Gillispie, Melissa Dodson, Robert Owen, and more at Post 134. 7:30 PM. 2104 NE Alberta. PDX.