"Ohio" is short fiction featured on Tin House's Flash Friday

"Waterlines" is short fiction in Joyland Magazine

Night of the Living Spread is a tarot spread zine for punx and queers, distributed exclusively by Pioneers Press

"The Boardwalk" is short nonfiction in Personal Best, the companion zine for Portland's Alien She exhibit

I was interviewed by Donna Dresch and Jody Bleyle for "Chainsaw Kids" in Personal Best

I wrote the journaling guide for the Grimoire Tarot Journal, illustrated by Annie Murphy of The Collective Tarot

"Lung" is a short story I self-published in chapbook format for the 2015 LA Zine Fest

"Bird and Ghost" is short fiction published by Black Heart Magazine

"Seeker of Bones" is short fiction appearing in Emerson College's Words Apart magazine

Still Crazy After All These Years is a zine about PTSD and agoraphobia available through various zine libraries

"Naming Names: Putting Agoraphobia into Words" is an essay at Queer Mental Health

"Good Victim, Good Self Care" is an essay at Queer Mental Health

"Hysterical Woman Problems: Jealousy" is an essay at Queer Mental Health

Total Trash was a feminist music blog I co-edited with artist Derek Corns and professional diceroller Jessica Lanzillo

"My Mother was a Whore" appeared in the book Without a Net: The Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class, edited by Michelle Tea.